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How it all began

How it started

At Austin Pickle Ranch, the epic tale of friendship and adventure begins with co-founders Tim Klitch and Dan Keelan. These pioneers of fun have conquered the tennis court together and conquered a cross-country biking escapade. After more than two decades of friendship they decided to tackle a new challenge - creating the ultimate fun filled facility for the Austin Pickleball community.

Their unwavering determination and a pinch of good ol’ Texas grit finally led them to the grand opening of the Austin Pickle Ranch. So saddle up, embrace the spirit of camaraderie, and embark on your own pickleball journey at the Austin Pickle Ranch.

The Founders

Tim Klitch worked in banking for over 25 years before stepping into his passion of pickleball. He developed the Austin Pickle Ranch, is GM of and part owner of Major League Pickleball’s Texas Ranchers, and has been credited with making pickleball become even more accessible in the Austin community. One thing is for sure, it's impossible not to spot Klitch at MLP event's wearing his iconic cowboy hat. 

Dan Keelan is an accomplished executive, entrepreneur, and investor, bringing a wealth of experience to the Austin Pickle Ranch. With an impressive 25-year career that's seen him rock roles from field sales to Chief Executive Officer, Keelan has mastered the art of delivering jaw-dropping results on and off the court. When he isn't playing pickleball you can find him filming content for his blog - Midlife Crazy.

Our Vision

Tim Klitch, founder, sitting in a chair

At Austin Pickle Ranch we believe that everyone deserves a place to play. Our mission is simple: to ignite your inner playfulness, foster a sense of community, and ensure that fun is the name of the game. With an unwavering passion to create the most exceptional outdoor entertainment venue in Texas, we crafted a space that celebrates the joy of play, encourages active adventures, and welcomes all those who dare to be delightfully eccentric.

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