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Learn everything you need to get the pickleball moving in the right direction!


Pickleball  is a mashup of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, but with its own unique twist! 

it's all in the bounce

Your goal is to score points by smacking a funky plastic ball (kinda like a wiffle ball) over the net and inside the lines, while making your friends run all over the court. You start by serving diagonally, and the ball must bounce once on each side of the court before you can go all out.

Hold on y'all

If you want to step into the kitchen to smack the ball, you have to let it bounce first. You want that ball to stay inside the white lines because every time your friend fails to return it or sends it flying out of bounds, you're racking up points. Now, here's the catch: you only score points when you're the one serving and win. But watch out! If your opponent steals wins, they get a shot at scoring too.

it ain't over til its over

The first team to hit 11 points (or whatever number you agree on) with a two-point lead snags the victory.
Easy, right? So grab a paddle, bring your friends, and reserve a court for some pickleball fun! Trust me, you'll be hooked in no time.

Game on, y'all!


Let us give you the 4-1-1 on Pickleball scoring.

Alrighty, my friend! Let us break down how to keep score of those pickleball points next time you are on the court.

Start with saying the serving team's score. If you have 4 points, you'd say "four."


Follow it up with the receiving team's score: If you're crushing them and only have 1 point, you'd say "one."


Now here's the tricky part. If you're playing doubles then you would add the name of the server. This just helps everyone remember what the heck is going on. So when it's the first server on a side, say "1," or if it's the second server, say "2."


So let's practice. If the serving team has 4 points and the receiving team has 1 points and it's the first server, you'd say "4-1-1"


That's it, now go have fun and sound like you know what you're doing.


Sound like a pro

Before you hit the court, take a screenshot of this pickleball lingo so you’ll be able to sound like a pickleball expert.


A non-volley zone located near the net where players are restricted from hitting volleys or smashes on your friends


A soft and controlled shot played close to the net


A shot executed by leaping outside the sideline and volleying the ball before it crosses the net.

"Side Out"

When the serving team fails to win the rally, resulting in a loss of serve and the opposing team gaining the opportunity to serve.


A complete set of points, typically played to 11 or 15 points.

"Match "

A series of games played to determine the overall winner.

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